We give a little to those
who need a lot.

Two percent is still too much

It is estimated that about two percent of the world population is homeless. It may not sound like much, but since we’re closing in on 8 billion people, we’re talking over 150 million homeless people.

And considering that the world’s population will continue to increase – and that we cannot expand the space we inhabit - this trend is likely to persist in the future.

Small gestures, big impact

Did you know that socks are the least donated item at homeless shelters? Yep. And that’s why we’ve decided to help homeless people with warm and durable socks. 

Despite major problems requiring major solutions, we believe that even the smallest gestures can make the world of difference.

And this is where you come in the picture. For every order you make, we give a pair to the homeless people somewhere. Thank you for helping us help them.

Organizations making change

We’re fortunate to work with multiple amazing non-profit organizations around the globe that each provide help for homeless people in their respective country.

We donate the socks on your behalf to these organizations and share the news with you. Let’s collect as many we can together and change the world by small, but significant, steps.