• I don't understand the concept?
    SOLOSOCKS comes in a pack of 7 single socks. This means that you never need to pair or waste your socks again. When you're doing your laundry, you just pick up your SOLOSOCKS and throw them in the packaging which turns into a reusable storage box. If you loose a sock, you don't need to throw another one out. Got a hole in one of your socks? Still no problem!
  • When will my order arrive?
    If you live in Europe, your package should arrive within 3-7 business days after successful payment. If you live anywhere outsite Europe you should allow at least 10 days for your package to arrive.
  • Why hasn’t my package arrived?
    If your package has exceeded the above-standing orientations, please contact our office at info@uru.dk including your full name, address and order number. We can provide you with a shipping tracking number
  • What size should I choose?
    SOLOSOCKS™ are unisex and comes in two different sizes: 36-40 and 41-46.
    We recommend that you choose your size in socks according to your shoe size. If you are a 40-41 then pick the smaller socks (36-40) and if you are a 41-42 pick the larger socks (41-46).
    The UK sizes are converted to the following:

    EU Size UK Size Male 36 - 40 4 - 7 Female 36-40 4 - 8 Male 41-46 7-13 Female 41 - 46 8 - 13
  • What is Combed Cotton?
    Combed cotton is a specially processed cotton where the short fibbers of cotton are eliminated to increase the quality, softness and durability of the cotton. SOLOSOCKS™ are made of finest organic combed cotton. Natural cotton feels more convenient however demands careful treatment. You shall not wash your SOLOSOCKS™ with temperature over 40ºC.
  • What is hand linked toe seam?
    The toe part on an ordinary sock is usually sewn by a sewing machine, which normally makes the toe seam thicker and inconvenient. Hand-linking is a demanding technic where each single thread on the toe and the sock foot are linked manually. It makes toe seam totally flat and comfortable. Usually this work is done by professional workers. The paradox about the manual hand-linking technic is that it can be harmful for the professional workers’ eyes. For SOLOSOCKS™ we have chosen ultra-modern Italian machines that provide machinery hand-linking. As such we managed to avoid the harm but kept the hand-linking quality.
  • Are SOLOSOCKS™ Quality Controlled?
    SOLOSOCKS™ undergo various quality control processes of our own and some external vendors and institutions. We choose only European certified suppliers, which means all production steps from cotton production to yarn and dying processes are periodically controlled by the relevant institutions and authorities.
  • My SOLOSOCKS™ are not similar...
    That’s the purpose of the concept. In a pack of SOLOSOCKS you get 7 single socks designed to mix and match. This means that you can combine them as you want. If you loose a single sock, you don't need to throw another one out. You no longer need to pair your socks after laundry. Simply take your SOLOSOCKS and throw them into your box.
  • My SOLOSOCKS™ keep going missing?
    Good thing you have 7 of them. Seriously though, socks disappear! Just buy some more.
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