NO PAIRS - JUST SOLOS - A sustainable solution to avoid waste and to help saving our planet

When you see your big toe peeking out of a hole in your sock, you usually throw out the pair, also the undamaged sock. Imagine how many socks are wasted that way.

With SOLOSOCKS™ you can avoid that waste.

SOLOSOCKS™ is a pack of 7 organic single socks that are different but designed to mix and match. So, if one disappears, you can still use the rest together. You use only seven SOLOS instead of 12 socks. You reduce waste by 41%.

And, you no longer need to pair your socks, just grab any two SOLOS and put them on.

And, the recyclable packaging can be transformed to a storage box. See how.

And, you help the homeless people. See how.

The uneven number is to stress the fact that there are NO PAIRS. But do not worry. You will lose a sock eventually, and when you do, you will be left with an even number!


How the recyclable packaging turns to a storage box

The specially designed packaging for SOLOSOCKS™ can be transformed to a storage box for keeping your SOLOS in your drawer. Just pick and use any two SOLOS. Watch how to transform the packaging to a storage box.

All SOLOSOCKS™ packaging parts are made of recyclable, environmentally friendly material. You will not be harming our planet once you through them away.



Probably the best organic cotton socks in the world

SOLOSOCKS™ is made of the finest GOTS-certified organic combed cotton available and produced on the world's most advanced Italian Lonati machines, according to the highest design and production standards.

  • You buy high-quality organic cotton
  • People will notice your Danish designer socks
  • You avoid waste of socks and help to save our planet
  • You save money using 7 socks instead of 12
  • You do not need to pair socks anymore
  • You help homeless people
  • You can reuse the recyclable packaging
  • You enjoy the soft diabetes friendly elastic-top
  • You feel comfortable with invisible hand linked toe seams and enlarged heel
  • You are not a sexist, your socks are unisex

The finest GOTS-certified organic combed cotton that feels natural and comfortable for your skin

SOLOSOCKS™ are designed and developed by talented Danish designers and the quality is assured in Denmark.

World's best organic cotton is produced in Turkey. We buy the GOTS-Certified cotton in Turkey and produce the socks on the most advanced Italian Lonati machines in Istanbul, the sock capital of Europe! Turkey is known for the world’s finest quality organic cotton.

Our distribution center is in Germany. From a Co2 emission point of view, we have decided to keep the production in Europe, close to our head office in Copenhagen and our distribution center in south Germany to minimize the transportation.



Alex and Adam developed SOLOSOCKS™ to solve the Missing Socks problem and reduce textile waste. Now, inspired by your support, they are also helping the homeless people.

Hi there! We're Adam and Alex, the founders of SOLOSOCKS™. We're from Copenhagen, Denmark and we're crazy about socks. Coming from large families, where missing socks were always a problem, we came up with the idea of SOLOSOCKS™: 7 single socks designed to mix and match.

When you buy a pair of socks, and one goes missing (or gets a hole in it), then you throw both socks out. Imagine how many times you have done this. It is a huge problem for the environment. Textile waste is one of the biggest threats to our planet. SOLOSOCKS™ idea reduces sock-waste by 41%

Our socks are all designed in Denmark and produced in Europe. We pride ourselves in high quality, and always source the cotton for our socks sustainably. We want to bring a cool and different angle to sustainable fashion with our colorful and unique socks for men and women. We hope you will enjoy the quality and comfort of our socks.

We believe in the goodness of people. Therefore, we have decided to spend some of the earnings to help the homeless people around the world with durable warm socks. And we want you to join us. So, every order you make, we give a pair to the homeless people somewhere. Thank you for your care and generosity. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly!



For each order you place, we donate a pair of warm socks to the homeless

We believe in the goodness of people. Therefore, we have decided to spend some of our earnings to help homeless people around the world with durable warm socks.

Every order you make, we give a pair to the homeless people somewhere.

It is estimated that there are about 100 million homeless people worldwide. They would surely appreciate a pair of warm and durable comfortable socks. Let us collect as many we can together. One pair at the time, one pair for each order you make.

Fortunately, there are several organizations that provide help for homeless people in each country. We will donate the socks to different organizations and share the news with you. Join us. Let’s change the world by small but significant steps.