Socks have been with us for a long, long time.

Since the Stone Age, cave dwellers have created their own version of 'socks' - animal skin tied on their feet. Then, as time progressed, humans began using sophisticated technology they had at their time to create more comfortable and cool socks.

Of course, these newfangled socks were a status symbol. By 1000AD, the noble class wore woven and knit socks. It is also worth noting here that socks branched out to include leggings and stockings.

vintage socks 1960s

In the many centuries after, socks were adapted to suit fashion styles of the different time periods. Fast forward to today, we find cotton socks among the whole slew of materials used.

One fact remains throughout the history of socks. Socks would always go missing, and this resulted in wastage as people had to pair them. Why do socks always go missing, though? You could read more on where do missing socks go!

We then had a crazy idea, and the result was amazing: cool, fun socks that are designed to mix and match no matter what. 

SOLOSOCKS are made with highly durable cotton - an important material when creating socks for men. Also, to suit the fashion styles of today, styles are made available as no show socks. This brings together functionality, and the fun and cool qualities that socks should have.

We really, really, really recommend you to buy these socks. Join in the SOLOSOCKS bandwagon, and find out why so many people have been in love with our products.

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June 25, 2018 — Alexander Morabbi Wulsch

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