A Gentleman's Guide to Socks

A Gentleman’s Guide to Socks

The term "gentleman" has been with us for quite some time. 

In fact, during the Middle Ages, it was used to widely describe a man stemming from a good family.

However, in our humble opinion, a gentleman is not a title you gain by being born into the right family.

It is something you earn by behaving and carrying yourself in a certain way.

If I asked you to picture a Gentleman, you would likely think of something like this:

Guide to Gentleman's Socks


A lot has changed since then. The top hat, the cane, and the pocket watch have all about disappeared. 

Expect, of course, for the last stronghold of this dying breed, the hipsters.

PS: No hate towards the hipsters out there, we love you.

Today’s gentleman is a more simple - but nonetheless refined - version of our cane-wielding forefathers.

They’ve become increasingly difficult to sort out from the crowd, and they often show up when you least expect them.

We all know the characteristics of a true gentleman. 

He's charming, elegant, polite, and well-spoken. 

But it’s not just the way he acts. 

It’s also how he appears to the outside world. How he carries himself.

Yep, we’re referring to his appearance.

We’re not shallow, but we’d like to think that today’s gentleman is someone who not only knows how to behave himself but also knows how to dress.

At SOLOSOCKS we love all fashion, but given the nature of our business, we’re especially in love with socks.

Unfortunately, socks are an often overlooked part of an outfit, but studies show that 87% of women prefer men who practice proper sock-etiquette, compared to their less fashionable counterparts. 

Despite those numbers being completely false (since I just made them up), there’s still a rationale behind learning how to dress properly. 

The human brain is an amazing machine. 

It analyzes the people we meet in a matter of seconds, and it’s often difficult to turn someone’s first impression of you around.

In other words, you want to make a good impression up front. 

Take one of our best-sellers Gahry for example:

Stylish Socks


What do you see?

Duh? A pair of socks in shades of red (of the highest organic quality, of course).

You’re not wrong, but also not entirely right.

Look closer.

You see it? 

Don’t worry if it still hasn’t sunk in, I’m here to help!

I see a bold, confident and elegant individual.

I see someone who knows that magic is often found in the details.

I see someone who’s not afraid of standing out, even if it’s just a few visible centimeters at the end of his pants.

I see a gentleman.

And in case you didn’t know. Women love gentlemen.

Don’t believe me?



Okay, maybe they were just into the socks…

But hey - that’s still better than nothing!

All right, enough chit-chat for today. Let’s dive into the topic at hand.

Read on and learn how to step up your sock game. Once and for all.

A Gentleman Knows How to Accessorize

Adaptability - the ability to adapt and mix and match your outfits to the occasion at hand  - has long been one of the cornerstones in fashion. 

Some of the biggest fashion disasters, however, happen when you simply try too much.

Unsure of what’s too much

Well, one might argue that this guy has crossed the line just a smidge (despite us loving his decision of being bold in choice of color!)

A guide to Socks


The magic of accessories, however, lies in modesty. 

Small, subtle details that stand out in your outfit.

And here’s how socks come in handy.

Socks are incredible accessories, as they can take any outfit out of the “boriiiiiiing zone” and into the “gentleman sphere”.

Take, for example, this fine-looking gentleman.

Amazing socks


He’s strolling down the street, likely on his way home from work.

Maybe he’s been in client meetings all day, so he chose to keep his outfit professional. 

But this hasn’t stopped him from giving his outfit a personal touch.

By adding a pair of stylish socks he managed to stand out in his otherwise usual business wear.

And when he crosses his legs during that final meeting of the day, the client likely notices this small - but significant - detail in his outfit. 

And you know what, he probably even closed that client just because of it!

Okay, maybe that last thing was a bit of a stretch, but I hope you catch my drift?

While socks aren’t necessarily the first thing people notice, they will eventually notice them.

And when they do, you better make sure they are clean, crisp, and nice-looking, just like the Wegner Socks the aforementioned gentleman was wearing that very day.

Anyways, here are three rules to remember when accessorizing:


Three Rules For Accessorizing Socks

  • Less is More: In Scandinavia, we are known for our clean designs, functionality, and minimalistic fashion. We don’t like to be too much “out there”, but we also appreciate the effect of elegant details and subtle personal touches. If you’re going for a pair of really bold personal socks, like our popular Bunting Socks, don’t go overboard with the rest of your outfit. In short: KISS (keep it simple stupid).
  • Matching Patterns: Nothing is more noteworthy than when your socks match something else in your outfit. This could either be in terms of colors or patterns. It shows that you’ve done your homework. However, if you mismatch patterns (e.g. wearing a checkered pair of socks and a striped suit) will have you looking like a clown. Sorry, but it’s the truth. Again, keep it simple stupid (sorry again…).

  • Read the Crowd: Even though you should never dress according to what other people are thinking, it’s never a bad idea to think ahead. Who are you going to see? Is it a formal or casual setting? Dress accordingly and match your socks to fit in, while still standing out. An example could be our Holscher Socks.

With that said, fashion is a very personal thing, so don’t be afraid to try some different things out!

Find your own personal style and see what works for you.

A Gentleman Appreciate Style, Even When Alone

Have you ever noticed how James Bond always looks on point no matter what he’s up to?

Whether outgambling a foe in an exclusive casino, saving a dame from certain death, or lounging at home waiting for his next mission, he always manage to look incredible.

Gentlemans guide to Socks

And yes, Daniel Craig (or Pierce Brosnan if you’re older than me) is genetically blessed, has a makeup crew following him around, and gets the finest tailored clothing.

But the truth is that he - James Bond - actively chooses to never settle.

Mr. Bond - or any gentleman for that matter - doesn’t have “off-days”.

And even if he does take a day off (to go swimming, mountain climbing, cliff diving, or what else he spends his off-days on) he does so with style.


Great socks

He appreciates style because of the feeling it gives him.

It makes him feel empowered, confident, and certain.

And while I’m nowhere near James Bond in terms of style, I couldn’t agree more.

So, next time you find yourself home alone in your dirty old socks, try to step up your game a bit.

Put on a pair of high-quality, fresh socks that match your mood and surroundings, like our popular Van Dyke Socks.


A Gentleman Travels in Style

We know.

When you travel you don’t care about style. 

You want to feel comfortable.

And so, it’s always easier to simply throw on some dirty old sweats, white tennis socks, and some flip flops.

But what if I told you that you could travel in style, while still being comfortable?

Instead of your old grey sweatpants, go for some comfortable and stretchy jeans.

Instead of your white tennis socks - which, by the way, has probably seen too many seasons - go for some stylish and comfortable socks, like our Holscher Socks.



And for the flip flops: these should really only be worn at the beach.

Simple as that.

We love fashion, but we also know comfortability is crucial.

That’s why all our socks are made of the finest organic combed cotton available.

Only the best is good enough for your feet and our planet. 



Glad you asked! 

It’s quite simple (ps: if videos are more your thing, check out this video).

Our SOLOSOCKS packs contain 7 different socks. 

They are all different, but they match. 

That way, you can mix and match all 7 socks - just as you want. 

Organic Socks


The packaging can also be folded into a storage box for the socks and keep your socks organized.


Organic and fashionable socks


And did I mention that we donate one pair of socks to the homeless for every pair you purchase? 

Pretty neat if you ask me.

January 23, 2022 — Alexander Morabbi Wulsch
A Brief History of Socks

A Brief History of Socks

Socks have been with us for a long, long time.

Since the Stone Age, cave dwellers have created their own version of 'socks' - animal skin tied on their feet. Then, as time progressed, humans began using sophisticated technology they had at their time to create more comfortable and cool socks.

Of course, these newfangled socks were a status symbol. By 1000AD, the noble class wore woven and knit socks. It is also worth noting here that socks branched out to include leggings and stockings.

vintage socks 1960s

In the many centuries after, socks were adapted to suit fashion styles of the different time periods. Fast forward to today, we find cotton socks among the whole slew of materials used.

One fact remains throughout the history of socks. Socks would always go missing, and this resulted in wastage as people had to pair them. Why do socks always go missing, though? You could read more on where do missing socks go!

We then had a crazy idea, and the result was amazing: cool, fun socks that are designed to mix and match no matter what. 

SOLOSOCKS are made with highly durable cotton - an important material when creating socks for men. Also, to suit the fashion styles of today, styles are made available as no show socks. This brings together functionality, and the fun and cool qualities that socks should have.

We really, really, really recommend you to buy these socks. Join in the SOLOSOCKS bandwagon, and find out why so many people have been in love with our products.

Once you go SOLOSOCKS, you never go back. Buy SOLOSOCKS online now!

June 25, 2018 — Alexander Morabbi Wulsch
Where do missing socks go?

Where do missing socks go?

Recently, we came up with a crazy idea. We think that your sock is traveling through another dimension — a dimension not only of cotton and polyester, but of laundry detergent. A journey into a wondrous machine whose boundaries are beyond that of imagination. That’s the fabric selector dial up ahead. Your sock’s next stop: The Twilight (Sock) Zone.

The modern day mystery of the missing sock

The dilemma of disappearing socks is nothing new. If they had worn such footwear, presumably even the ancient Romans would have lost some socks in their urine-based laundering facilities.

As it is, the mystery of the missing socks has been the subject of several books, inspired a spoof site called LOSS — Laundered and Orphaned Sock Society — from appliance manufacturer GE (now offline), spawned the marginally more serious Bureau of Missing Socks website, and was even the subject of one of Jerry Seinfeld’s stand-up routines. You can watch the video here:


The possibilities

Where do all the missing socks go? Sadly, the answers we discovered were far less interesting than we hoped — namely, we could find no proof that house elves or magic were in any way involved.

Through diligent research and experimentation, here are what we think are the more likely explanations for this phenomena:

  1. The pair never made it into the washing machine together in the first place, and the errant sock is hiding in the toy basket or behind some furniture.
  2. A sock got swept into the little space(s) around the washing machine’s agitator.
  3. The little guy might be hiding in the gap between the tub and drum (usually near the top of a front-loading machine).
  4. Small items in the laundry can slip between the tub and the drum, work their way down, and get sucked into the drain pump — and either stop there, or go out with the rest of the wastewater.
  5. Socks can sometimes get sucked into the dryer filter or vent ducting.
  6. Both with and without the help of static cling, socks like to hide in other articles of clothing (particularly pant legs) and in linens (especially the corners of fitted sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers).

The solution: SOLOSOCKS

SOLOSOCKS are the answer to your prayers. The company was established in Copenhagen in 2016 based on the problem of missing socks. Coming from big families, our founders were tired of pairing socks during each laundry session. Why was it that socks kept on going missing? After a ton of research, they realized that there was no explanation. Socks simply just disappear. 

Instead of finding out what the problem was, we decided to come up with a solution: SOLOSOCKS - a pack of 7 single socks designed to mix and match. This meant that you never had to spend time pairing your socks again. When you have SOLOSOCKS, you simply take the socks that look similar and put them together in the packaging which turns into a portable storage box.
When people buy a pair of socks, and one goes missing (or get's a hole in it), they usually throw both socks out. Imagine how many times you have done this. It's actually a huge problem for the environment. Textile waste is one of the biggest threats to our planet, so imagine how much of that waste is actually socks! With SOLOSOCKS we encourage people to buy 7 socks. This way, you will never have that problem. And if you lose 6 socks, you can always restock on the style.  SOLOSOCKS are different in many ways, which allows you to express your individuality with freedom, convenience and ease of use.
I know what you're thinking: "I can just buy a bunch of black socks". Sure - that is a solution (if you're boring as hell). We want to create awesome colorful socks in cool designs, therefore we have decided against making plain socks for now. We want to make socks that make you happy, that are different, that people notice, and that just look awesome. Life is too short to wear black socks - so don't!
If you are looking for men's socks, women's socks, children's socks, awesome socks, cool socks, high quality socks, designer socks, comfortable socks, organic cotton socks, durable socks, funny socks, noticeable socks, dope socks, sweet socks, lit socks or any other socks... You have to look no further. Buy SOLOSOCKS online today. PS: You can use the coupon 'missingsocks' for a 15% discount!
June 15, 2018 — Alexander Morabbi Wulsch
Why do socks always disappear?

Why do socks always disappear?

Socks tend to disappear in the washing machine...

For years and years, people have been losing their socks in the washing machine. How many people have wondered why this keeps happening? There are many theories, and we tried to compile some of them:

The Sock Monster

The sock monsters are the archenemies of the sock gnomes. Their role is to sneak into your house at night and replace all the socks the the sock gnomes have stolen. It has been noted that this never really equates to a full pair of socks. This phenomenon also applies to any missing object that one cannot find for days that suddenly turns up. The sock monsters have never been seen by humans because they are too sneaky.

The Evil Washing Machine

Sometimes during the spin cycle, since socks are such a small clothing item, they will end up slipping in-between the inner and outer drum of the washing machine. We can’t say that this is definitely what happened to your socks, because anything is possible, but this is likely the case, ESPECIALLY if you own a front loading washing machine.

Black Holes

Socks are known to disappear into black holes! No kidding. Some people believe that there are black holes in washing machines that only appear once they are washing. That's where all the socks go.... Maybe there is a galaxy far away where aliens wear a bunch of human socks. Isn't that how black holes work? 

The Socklution: SOLOSOCKS

We tried for years on end to find out where the socks went. To be honest, we just couldn't figure it out. Then we wondered: Why is it so annoying to loose socks? Well, the main reason is that socks come in pairs. When you buy an awesome pair of socks, you are super happy! Yay. But when you loose one of the socks you are left with a single lonely sock that might never be used again. Maybe you'll even throw it out, or leave it in the abyss of forgotten socks. 

With SOLOSOCKS, the problem is now solved. Socks are happily single; and they go well with any of its comrades. So, stop waiting, and free your socks from the series of unfortunate events. SOLOSOCKS are cool, and they come in crazy and fun colours. Buy a pair of socks from SOLOSOCKS online today!

June 08, 2018 — Alexander Morabbi Wulsch