Unique Socks

Our unique men's socks and women's socks are probably some of the most unique socks you can find. Our crazy range of colours and designs help you achieve that unique look that you're looking for. Check out our unique socks for men, and our unique socks for women below.

Unique Socks

We bet that you love unique socks. 

SOLOSOCKS, with its unique concept of removing the need to pair socks, creates the unique socks that matches any outfit! 

With gorgeous patterns like the ones seen on the Gahry, and the sleek and elegant ones like the Blackies and Biancis, these socks were made to stand out. Buy unique socks from SOLOSOCKS today!

Happy Socks

Unique socks make you happy!

Our range of cool socks fit anyone - men, women, and kids. Also, the socks come in the regular cut, or the no-shows. 

Get all the talk about your socks as they were designed to stand out, yet suitable for any occasion.  Be it for a suit-and-tie moment, or a casual summer day out, SOLOSOCKS are funky and unique. Did you think that you could not have interesting socks? Well, now you have SOLOSOCKS.

Fun Socks

What's the fun in an outfit if you can't put a little swagger in it? 

SOLOSOCKS are socks that are styled with a range of patterns and colours. From the Wegner that pays homage to Hans Wagner, to the Jacobsen - which is a tribute to Acme Jacobsen, these socks tell a story. Honestly, a unique sock should be nothing less than this: story-telling yet stylish.

Simply put on these socks not made for pairing and start getting those attention on your unique socks. You will never feel the same, once you buy these unique socks from SOLOSOCKS.