Why do socks always disappear?

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Socks tend to disappear in the washing machine...

For years and years, people have been losing their socks in the washing machine. How many people have wondered why this keeps happening? There are many theories, and we tried to compile some of them:

The Sock Monster

The sock monsters are the archenemies of the sock gnomes. Their role is to sneak into your house at night and replace all the socks the the sock gnomes have stolen. It has been noted that this never really equates to a full pair of socks. This phenomenon also applies to any missing object that one cannot find for days that suddenly turns up. The sock monsters have never been seen by humans because they are too sneaky.

The Evil Washing Machine

Sometimes during the spin cycle, since socks are such a small clothing item, they will end up slipping in-between the inner and outer drum of the washing machine. We can’t say that this is definitely what happened to your socks, because anything is possible, but this is likely the case, ESPECIALLY if you own a front loading washing machine.

Black Holes

Socks are known to disappear into black holes! No kidding. Some people believe that there are black holes in washing machines that only appear once they are washing. That's where all the socks go.... Maybe there is a galaxy far away where aliens wear a bunch of human socks. Isn't that how black holes work? 

The Socklution: SOLOSOCKS

We tried for years on end to find out where the socks went. To be honest, we just couldn't figure it out. Then we wondered: Why is it so annoying to loose socks? Well, the main reason is that socks come in pairs. When you buy an awesome pair of socks, you are super happy! Yay. But when you loose one of the socks you are left with a single lonely sock that might never be used again. Maybe you'll even throw it out, or leave it in the abyss of forgotten socks. 

With SOLOSOCKS, the problem is now solved. Socks are happily single; and they go well with any of its comrades. So, stop waiting, and free your socks from the series of unfortunate events. SOLOSOCKS are cool, and they come in crazy and fun colours. Buy a pair of socks from SOLOSOCKS online today!

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