Donating 700 socks to refugee children!

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Donating 700 cool socks to refugee children

Yesterday, we had the awesome opportunity to donate 700 SOLOSOCKS to the refugee children at Danish Red Cross Center Sandholm! Sandholm is a public institution for asylum seekers in Denmark. It is located in Sandholm, Birkerød, Allerød Kommune.  It is a former military barracks, and the largest reception center for asylum seekers in Denmark. The center's daily operations are run by the Danish Red Cross and it also serves as both a receiving and departure center, for newly arrived asylum seekers, and asylum seekers who have been rejected. 

Walking through Center Sandholm to fun socks donation point

It was a truly amazing experience, and we're just so excited to be able to give to the children who are most in need! The Red Cross were really excited to receive the socks and said that the kids would be happy, since socks are some of the the least donated items. It turns out, that people in need all across the world have a tendency to lack socks. People just don't donate used socks, because they wear them out, or simply lose these socks.

We were very happy to hear that the socks could be used by the youngest refugees at Sandholm. 

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At SOLOSOCKS, we hope to donate a lot more socks to people in need in the future. We want to donate kids socks, mens socks and women socks in all kinds of awesome colors, styles, and designs. Which charity do you think we should donate to next? Let us know at the comments section below!

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