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 SOLOSOCKS is a unique concept of 7 single socks designed to mix and match. This means that you never need to pair or waste your socks. Our socks are designed in Denmark, produced in Europe, and are made of the highest quality certified organic combed cotton. 

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Since establishment in 2016, SOLOSOCKS has been committed to its cause of reducing sock waste in the world - 7 socks at a time. As a Danish brand, SOLOSOCKS brings together functionality and aesthetics in its socks. SOLOSOCKS has a diverse variety of mens, women, and kids socks - ranging from its cool and crazy socks, to its fun and funky no show socks. Our customers love us, and we know that you would too! Just check out our rewiews. Stop waiting, buy SOLOSOCKS online today.

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Men's socks

Since establishment in 2016, SOLOSOCKS has been the top choice for many when buying socks online. SOLOSOCKS is a pack of 7 individual socks designed to mix and match. You never need to pair or waste socks ever again. Browse through the listing online to look at the variety of cool socks SOLOSOCKS has to offer. Men socks, women socks, cotton socks, ankle socks, and regular socks are high in demand today. With its unique design, these socks are made for everyone. Explore and buy these cool designer socks today.

No Show socks

Men have always worn out their sport socks  and no show socks quickly. There are so many problems with them. They never fit, they always fall off and they smell. Rest assured with a pair of mens no-show socks from SOLOSOCKS. SOLOSOCKS are made with the highest quality organic combed cotton. The socks have a perfect fit and don't fall off. They are made with Bi-Ome antimicrobial material to stay smell-free. We pride ourselves in making unisex and men socks that are highly durable, crazy, and amazingly comfortable.

Women socks & more

Our collection spans from women's socks, men's socks, cotton socks, and dress socks to funky, crazy, and cool socks. SOLOSOCKS, greatly influenced by the Danish Design style, are socks designed in Denmark and produced in Europe. Danish Design is a style of functionalist design that was developed in the mid 20th century. Since that time, many Danish designers have been using new industrial technologies, combined with simplicity and functionalism to create iconic things around them.


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Meet the founders of SOLOSOCKS

Hi there! We're Adam an Alex, the founders of SOLOSOCKS. We're based in Copenhagen, Denmark and we're crazy about socks. Coming from large families, where missing socks were always a problem, we came up with the idea of SOLOSOCKS: 7 single socks designed to mix and match. Our socks are all designed in Denmark and produced in Europe. We pride ourselves in high quality, and always source the cotton for our socks sustainably. All SOLOSOCKS are made of organic combed cotton in state of the art factories. We want to bring a cool and different angle to sustainable fashion with our colourful and unique socks for men and women. We hope you'll enjoy your visit on our site. If you have any question, feel free to contact us directly! 

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